The plan for this page is to become a full-fledged data center for our class.  Initially the option was to create a fully automated online form that would update submitted information real-time.  However, to keep this info secure that would require everyone to have their own user name and login.  SO, to keep it simple all the info submitted will be reviewed and then posted in frequent updates.  There will be a slight delay from the time info is submitted to when it's posted, but it will keep you from having to remember another password! 

Additionally, email lists won't be published anymore as this will cut down on "marketers" who harvest websites for these addresses.  Updated info will be indicated on the list, and if a classmate requests some information it can be made available on an individual basis.  For further information simply send requests via e-mail

Classmate Lists

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 Classmate Info Update Form
Please take a couple minutes to provide us with your contact information and some other general data on yourself.  Please note that this info is for our records; it will remain confidential and will NOT be published or distributed without your permission.  Also, if you have any images to share please send them to us via e-mail or regular mail - see the Pictures section for more details.

Standard Contact Information (name and e-mail required)
First Name
Last Name
E-Mail Address
Home Address
Phone (home or cell)
I give permission to provide this information to fellow classmates & friends upon request.
Personal Information (include as much as possible)
Married? Yes  No      Spouse's Name:
Children?  Yes  No    If YES: How many?   Age of oldest:   Age of youngest:
Occupation/Company:     Years at current job:
Are you planning on attending the 25th Reunion?   Yes   No   Not sure yet

We are currently planning to publish an update to our Yearbook/Directory from the 20th reunion and would like to include some additional information to this document.  We may add some other questions in the future, but for now you are strongly encouraged to include the below info.

Tell us a bit about what's happened with yourself since the 20th reunion (2003) - provide a brief summary on any life changing events, family info, or additional news you would like to share.

Based on your life goals, since the 20th reunion (2003) where do you feel you stand on a personal or professional level?

Better than expected   About the same (no major change)   Still "getting there"   Don't ask!

Do you stay in touch with any fellow classmates on a regular basis?  Yes    No
What are your personal feelings about high school life?  Did you love it or hate it?  Were there certain teachers who left a lasting impression (good or bad)?  Friends?  Activities?  Feel free to elaborate on the experience.  Of course it's been 25 years since we graduated from Palatine High School so you may need to reach into your long-term memory to answer this one!

I give permission to allow the above information to be published in our 25th reunion directory.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey form - if you ever need to add anything or make changes, feel free to simply resubmit the adjusted information.  Click on SUBMIT when done, or reset to start again.